ArtfulPuck's Hockey Team

ArtfulPuck’s Hockey Team

For more day-to-day hockey commentary, follow me on Twitter at Artful_Puck — Patricia Teter

And if you have questions, ideas, comments, please contact me!

5 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Felix Schneider said:

  2. Hi Felix,

    I found the image on Twitter:

    Anita Roza ‏@arsenaloFka (Sept 11)
    this weekend, amazing ice hockey event is happening in Pula, Croatia. follow @KHL_MedvescakZG for details! #wow
    Retweeted by KHL Medvescak Zagreb

    It looks like the image comes from a video since it has “full image” arrows along the bottom of the original. I would suggest you contact either @arsenaloFka or the team account @KHL_MedvescakZG for more details. Good luck!


  3. Steven LeNeveu said:


    I am blown away by this “Get Well” tribute. I am Dave’s Dad and I can tell you that Dave loved his time in OKC and wouldm have come back in a heart beat. He loved the city and his teammates, especially playing with Yann Danis. The two of them and their wives still stay in contact. I have forwarded this onto Dave, who I am sure will be overwhelmed by the support.

    His injury is healing and he is looking forward to returning to the ice very soon.

    Thanks so much to everyone.

    Steve and Denyse LeNeveu

    • We think very highly of Dave here in OKC and we will always follow his career and wish him the very best! I am very glad to hear that his injury is healing and we expect him to return soon and continue his incredible run with the Black Wings!

      Please send Dave and his family our best regards!!


    • Bob Gainettino said:

      Mr and LeNeveu we think very highly of Dave here in OKC and we do miss him and April and the kids…. Like Patricia said I will also be following his career. I wish him a speedy recovery so that he can get back in GOAL. I follow the Black Wings Linz on their Facebook page and I know their fans truly miss him right now…

      Please tell Dave and the family we wish them all the best..

      Bob Gianettino

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