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Idaho Steelheads

With four games this week the Missouri Mavericks continue to lead the entire ECHL league with 79 points — 12 points in front of the Eastern Conference leader the Florida Everblades, and now 18 points in front of the closest Western Conference team the Allen Americans at 61 points. At 47 games the Mavericks have a remarkable 38-6-2-1 record. Missouri’s Home record is currently 21-2-0-0 and Away 17-4-2-1.

Over the weekend Missouri beat the Indy Fuel in three back-to-back games picking up 6 points, however the Mavericks lost their first and only out of conference game earlier in the week against the South Carolina Stingrays 4-2. Unfortunately we will not be able to watch Missouri face another Eastern Conference team in the regular season. Does this loss to the Stingrays bode ill for the Mavericks if they make the Finals? South Carolina is currently 2nd in the South Division and 5th overall in the Eastern Conference with 60 points. Their record after 49 games is 27-16-4-2 (0.612%).

This week’s biggest news is the West Division has a new leader after the Idaho Steelheads defeated Utah in their weekend back-to-back games: 3-1 at Idaho and 1-0 at Utah in a shootout. Following Wednesday’s forthcoming game against Rapid City, the Steelheads will hit the road with their first stop in Wichita this weekend.

With Indy Fuel’s three game loss against Missouri, the Fuel dropped down into 9th from their previous 6th position. The Tulsa Oilers moved up into 6th after picking up 7 points this past week with 3 wins and 1 overtime loss. Cincinnati moved up into 7th from 9th position after picking up 8 points from 4 wins (1 in overtime).

At the bottom, Evansville and Rapid City exchanged positions with the Rush falling down into 13th position with Wichita remaining dead last in the Western Conference.

Explanation for each team’s Maximum Points and their Pace Points:

Pace is the team’s point percentage over 72 games. For example, in the case of Wichita, 29.0% of 144 (max points) is 42. (Wichita has dropped both Pace Points and Maximum Points since we first started our charts in late January.)

Mathematical cutoff is when the maximum points of the 9th through 16th ranked teams fall below the actual points of the 8th ranked team. To use Wichita again as an example — once the 8th place team earns 74 points Wichita would be eliminated since their maximum possible points is 73. Wichita has already been eliminated by pace points, but not mathematically as yet.

Feb 15 2016 Western Conference

According to the ECHL 2016 Playoff format the Division winners are seeded 1, 2 and 3 (noted with * above) and the next five highest point totals in the Western conference will qualify for the Kelly Cup Playoffs.

Periodically we will revisit the Western Conference Playoff Race and update teams Pace and Maximum points. Link here to view the Eastern Conference Playoff Race this week.

Note: Points based on standings as of noon, 15 February 2016. Thanks to Eric Rodgers for his Division formulas and explanations.