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A look at your Western Conference Playoff Race as of February 1, 2016 has the Missouri Mavericks leading the entire league with 70 points — 9 points in front of the top two Eastern Conference teams the Florida Everblades and Manchester Monarchs (at 61 pts), and 15 points in front of the closest Western Conference team the Allen Americans (at 55 pts). Now at 41 games the Mavericks have a rather remarkable 34-5-1-1 record with 145 Goals For and 83 Goals Against. The Mavericks At Home record is 17-1 and Away the team is 17-4-1-1.

Explanation for each team’s Maximum Points and their Pace Points:

Pace is the team’s point percentage over 72 games. For example, in the case of Wichita, 31.1% of 144 (max points) is 45.

Mathematical cutoff is when the maximum points of the 9th through 16th ranked teams fall below the actual points of the 8th ranked team. To use Wichita as an example — once the 8th place team earns 83 points Wichita would be eliminated since their maximum possible points is 82. Wichita has already been eliminated by pace points, but not mathematically as yet.

Feb 1 2016 Western Conference

According to the ECHL 2016 Playoff format the Division winners are seeded 1, 2 and 3 (noted with * above) and the next five highest point totals in the Western conference will qualify for the Kelly Cup Playoffs.

Periodically we will revisit the Western Conference Playoff Race and update teams Pace and Maximum points.

Note: Points based on standings as of noon, 1 February 2016. Thanks to Eric Rodgers for his Division formulas and explanations.