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Idaho Steelheads

The Idaho Steelheads

Last week we looked at Eric Rodgers’ early Estimated Time-On-Ice (eTOI) figures for the Steelheads after 11 games. This week we take another glimpse at the players’ eTOI after 14 games.

We have attempted to list the player’s specific current positions however it should be noted that some are being moved around to different positions. Please keep in mind that a smaller sample size can greatly over-estimate or under-estimate a player’s eTOI.

Estimated Time-on-Ice for Forwards (Nov. 17th):

Name Position eTOI Games Played
Colton Beck LW 25:38 14
Rob Linsmayer RW 22:51 14
Jefferson Dahl C 20:05 14
Taylor Peters C/LW 19:51 13
Emil Molin LW/C 19:27 11
Brandon Magee C/RW 19:18 13
Andrew Carroll LW 17:19 14
Carson McMillan RW/C 15:14 14
Andre Bouvet-Morrissette RW 14:33 14
Joe Basaraba C/RW 13:31 13
Chance Braid* LW 3:12 3
Damian Cross C 2:53 3

Estimated Time-on-Ice for Defensemen (Nov. 17th):

Name Position eTOI Games Played
Daniel Johnston* D-R 29:06 7
Cole Martin D-L 23:36 11
Zack Kamrass D-R/L 20:47 14
Tommy Fallen D-L 19:36 7
Corbin Baldwin D-L 19:24 14
Shawn Boutin D-R 16:42 12
Jake Rutt D-L 13:16 9
Andrew Panzarella D-R 11:02 10

Notes on the numbers: As more game stats are added we will see more accurate eTOI. Asterisk (*) indicates player no longer on roster.

Eric Rodgers describes his method along with a disclaimer: “Using a formula involving goal events, I’ve been able to get an estimation on TOI for players. The key word I stress however, is estimated. Early in the season, the small sample size can greatly over-estimate or under-estimate a players eTOI. The main thing I like to use these numbers for however, is that you can get a good idea of what players are being used where and how often.”


If you have any corrections on player positions please let us know. Many thanks to Eric Rodgers for his data, and everyone else who replied to my questions and provided information.

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Follow Eric Rodgers at @ericrsports or @SinBinOilers for Tulsa Oilers news only. For more Idaho Steelheads news follow John Mulhern at @Mulhern4 on twitter and read his ECHL Steelheads articles on 100 Degree Hockey blog covering the AHL Texas Stars, and also the Steelheads Director of Media/Community Relations and Broadcaster Brian McCormack at @BrianJMcCormack. For Texas Stars news follow Sean Shapiro at @seanshapiro.

Continue to check back for more updates on eTOI for the Idaho Steelheads and eTOI for other Western Conference teams. — @Artful_Puck

CenturyLink Arena in Boise, Idaho (Credit: Idaho Steelheads)

CenturyLink Arena in Boise, Idaho (Credit: Idaho Steelheads)