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March 29 2015 Central Division

The Wichita Thunder lost 5-2 to Missouri last night — and while the score looks bad the last two goals were empty netters as the Thunder attempted to tie the game at the end of the third. The empty netters are the risk you take to get ahead — well worth the risk as the team is down anyway.

The Negatives: Some bad coverage on Currier’s powerplay goal — he was camped out just waiting for that puck and no one, except Rollheiser, even seemed to see him. The penalties: when Wichita is scrambling for a win the last thing they ever need is a penalty and they gave Missouri five powerplays last night and the Mavs converted on two. Wichita had one powerplay and failed to convert.

The Positives: Wichita’s offense was awake last night and actually generated some decent quality shots on goal, however not enough in the end. Thunder goals were from Bernhardt (via Gauthier) and Hosmer (from Kashirsky).

The Playoff Picture: Wichita is just out of the playoff rankings right now in 5th behind Tulsa by three points since Tulsa and Allen went into overtime last night. Wichita will have to face Tulsa three more times, Allen twice and Brampton once. There is no longer any margin of error for the Thunder. They need wins and they also will need other teams to lose to make to the post season. This afternoon’s game against Tulsa is HUGE.

Wichita returns home this afternoon to face Tulsa in a pivotal game. Be there!