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ECHL Central Div in Jan 2015

The Central Division Playoff Race Begins

At the end of January it is time to begin to take a closer look at the Central Division’s playoff race and the teams situation as it now stands. This data is compiled using each team’s point percentage setting a team’s pace for the remainder of the season. This can tell you a great deal about how your team is doing, but there are no guarantees at this point. No one team has been ruled out mathematically as yet, however for at least one, Brampton, the situation is dire.

Eric Rodgers has prepared the Central Division playoff numbers (MAX PTS & PACE PTS seen in the last 2 columns above) and provides an explanation:

Pace is the team’s point percentage over 72 games. So for Brampton, 34.1% of 144 (max points) is 49.

Mathematical cutoff is when a team’s maximum points fall below the number of points that the 4th place team has achieved. To use Brampton as an example — if Brampton wins every last game, Wichita, Quad City, and Tulsa would need to earn 91 points to eliminate them. Brampton has almost been eliminated by pace points, but not mathematically as yet.

 Thanks to Eric Rodgers for his stats and explanation.

1| Allen Americans – 13 games in January – 10-2-1-0 (21 points)

The Allen Americans continue their roll, even with the loss of one of their top scorers Jack Combs, winning 10 games out of 13 this month. The team was also without Greger Hanson for short periods, as he was loaned to AHL teams Worcester (1/21) and OKC Barons (1/31). However, don’t feel too sorry for Allen, they still have Chad Costello, the ECHL leader in points with 21 goals and 28 assists (69 points). […. continue reading at Tend the Farm]