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WT V QC 013015-178

(Photo: Courtesy of Ed Bailey. All Rights Reserved.)

Despite out shooting their opponent 31 to 22 the Wichita Thunder lost their advantage with the Mallards’ 2nd goal by Antti Pusa to put Quad City up 2-1 late in the 2nd. If hockey had “errors” that would be the glaring error in this matchup that Wichita was never able to recover from in the end.

The pesky, rough game started early in the 1st period when Erick Lizon and Paxton Leroux dropped the gloves at 4:46. Lizon, after a good battle, got the best of Paxton and both headed to the dressing rooms for repairs after being handed 2 minutes for removing their helmets and 5 each for fighting majors. As written here before and regardless what your stance is on fighting, there is no better hockey showman who can bring an entire arena to their feet, roaring in unison, than Wichita’s Erick Lizon (see photo above).

Shots on goal for the 1st period were 9-6 for Wichita with the score 0-0.

Wichita’s lone goal of the game came early into the 2nd at 2:04 as Kenton Miller caught a rebound to put it past Mallards’ Parker Milner. From there on it was Quad City as Matt Duffy scored at 9:16 on a powerplay, and later on a Thunder defensive breakdown Antti Pusa was able to get past Thunder’s Mike MacIntyre to create a clear shot which got past Tim Boron for the lead at 2-1.

Within the last-minute of the 2nd the testiness between the two teams stepped up a notch as Justin Fox and Kirill Tulupov ending up in the box for roughing. After the horn blew to end the period a brawl broke out, racking up 42 minutes of penalties and misconducts. Quad City ended the 2nd period with 2 goals from 5 shots on goal, and Wichita led with 9 shots on goal but only one goal to show for it.

In a Hail Mary attempt to score late in the 3rd, Wichita’s coach McClelland pulled their goalie while on a penalty kill to add an extra player on the ice (as RG Flath sat in the box for hooking), but it backfired as Quad City scored an empty-netter to put them up 3-1 at 18:47. It’s hard not to take a risk in these occasions and sometimes they pay off, but nothing seemed to work in the Thunder’s favor last night. Shots on goal in the 3rd were 13-11 for the Thunder.

After a long series of roadtrips to Allen, Rapid City and Quad City, the Thunder looked tired and in need of some quality rest instead of more nights spent on a moving bus. Today the team travels again but at least it is only a day-trip to Missouri.

Period Team Time Goals
2nd WIC 2:04 K. Miller (assists M. MacIntyre, I. Duval)
2nd QC 9:16 M. Duffy (assists J. Christensen, M. Lamoureux) — PP
2nd QC 18:48 A. Pusa (assist J. Fox)
3rd QC 18:47 M. Monfredo (assist N. Rioux) – EN.PP

Wichita heads to Missouri to face the Mavericks tonight at 7:05 p.m.