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There were a lot of positives for the Wichita Thunder in last night’s game vs Tulsa, but there were also some rather negative elements which in the end left Wichita with their first regulation loss to the Tulsa Oilers, 3-2. First, the positives, and then we will look at the bad and their rather horrid shorthanded goals against situation.

The Good:

Wichita scored first with a rather lucky shot from Theo Peckham — 1st shot on goal by Wichita and also their first goal!

Outstanding goal from Kurtis Bartliff as he fought off two Tulsa defenders to slide toward the net and still get the puck past Kevin Carr.

Moments of very good forechecking by the Thunder — they can’t win a game against Tulsa without very strong forechecking otherwise the Oilers will just steamroll them as we’ve seen on several occasions.

Some great saves last night by Tyler Bunz. One in particular was a sprawling spread-eagle save of a shot and several rebounds that was just amazing, and also a great skate blade save. Tyler Bunz also had an assist on Kurtis Bartliff’s goal in the 2nd which was his second assist in two nights.

Wichita Thunder had a very strong 2nd period, outshooting the Oilers 16-5. For the entire game, the Thunder outshot the Tulsa Oilers 30-25.

The Bad:

Wichita once again got off to a very slow start in the first period and against a fast-moving forechecking team like Tulsa that can be a killer. SOG for 1st period: 5-13 Tulsa.

Wichita was unable to capitalize on any of their four powerplays. That hurt them and especially when they are giving away shorthanded goals to tie the game at 2-2.

What is it with Tulsa and their short-handed goals against Wichita? ALL THREE of Wichita’s shorthanded goals against (SHGA) have been delivered to them in rather embarrassing fashion by the Tulsa Oilers at the BOK Center in Tulsa. THREE. Tulsa’s 2nd and 3rd goals last night were shorthanded and on a powerplay.

Oct. 26 – Tulsa’s Adam Pleskach created a turnover at the blueline and scored Tulsa’s first goal of the night against Boron. Wichita’s PP Unit: 6 16 21 24 81.

Nov. 18 – Tulsa’s Steve Mele received a neutral zone turnover and handily zipped around Thunder’s Gauthier to slip the goal under Boron for Tulsa’s first goal of the night. Wichita’s PP Unit: 10 14 16 18 81.

Nov. 23 – Tulsa’s Drew Fisher nabbed a rebound and passed it to Jon Booras who streaked down to beat Bunz with a forehand-to-backhand deke for Tulsa’s 2nd goal of the night. Wichita’s PP Unit: 4 13 16 24 81.

By the end of the third the Thunder just looked exhausted.

StoneWolf Casino Cup Series: 4-1-0-0 Tulsa  (Wichita 1-1-1-2)

  • Oct. 26: Wichita @ Tulsa — 5-6 in OT — Tulsa Win
  • Oct. 29: Tulsa @ Wichita — 0-2 — Wichita Win
  • Nov. 2: Wichita @ Tulsa — 2-3 in SO — Tulsa Win
  • Nov. 18: Wichita @ Tulsa — 3-4 in SO — Tulsa Win
  • Nov. 23: Wichita @ Tulsa — 2-3 — Tulsa Win
  • Nov. 30: Tulsa @ Wichita
  • Dec. 10: Wichita @ Tulsa
  • Dec. 17: Wichita @ Tulsa
  • Feb. 21: Tulsa @ Wichita
  • Mar. 13: Wichita @ Tulsa
  • Mar. 21: Tulsa @ Wichita
  • Mar. 29: Tulsa @ Wichita
  • Apr. 8: Tulsa @ Wichita
  • Apr. 10: Tulsa @ Wichita

Wichita hosts the Quad City Mallards on Wednesday night, their first visit to Wichita this season — 7:05 pm.