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Wichita's Kenton Miller setup for his powerplay goal

Wichita’s Kenton Miller setup for his powerplay goal (Photo: Patricia Teter.)

As a carry-over from the longest running rivalry of the former CHL teams, the Tulsa Oilers and Wichita Thunder will continue their StoneWolf Casino Cup series in their first season as expansion ECHL teams. Per tradition the winner of the Cup retains possession until the next winner is revealed at the end of their 14 game series. Seven games will be played on home turf for each team, and the Cup goes to the team with the most wins. In case of a tie, with the two clubs each winning seven games, the team with the most points in the entire series and goal differential will be used as a tiebreaker.

On Sunday afternoon the two teams met up for their first game in the series and the Tulsa Oilers opened the scoring with Adam Pleskach’s short-handed goal at 6:16 into the 1st, followed by another two goals from T.J. Caig on a powerplay (assists by Macaulay, Booras at 12:09) and Kevin Noble (assists O’Kane, Cohen at 14:59). Wichita finally got on the board with a late powerplay goal from Stephen Schultz off his own rebound (assists Peckham, Lowe at 19:26). End of 1st: Tulsa 3-1.

At 1:40 into the 2nd, Tulsa’s Scott Macaulay scored to bring their lead to 4 (assist Myron), but after a slow start for the Wichita Thunder they rebounded with 3 straight goals. The first Thunder goal came on the powerplay from Kenton Miller (assists Schultz, Jorgensen at 8:41), and Thunder’s Todd Hosmer quickly followed that up with another at 9:29 (assists Lowe, Milan). Wichita’s newest defenseman Dalton Reum (assists Kashirsky, Trebish at 11:53) would then tie the game 4-4 and the Oilers pulled their goalie Mike Zacharias.

At about half-way into the 3rd the Oilers’ Adam Pleskach scored his second goal of the night to break the tie at 10:10 (assist Booras) and just two minutes later Wichita’s Jared Walker would even it up at 5-5 (assist Peckham at 14:10). End of 3rd: 5-5.

At 3:55 into overtime Tulsa’s T.J. Caig well situated at the blueline received a clean pass from Nathan Lutz and scored on the breakaway to win the game 6-5 in overtime and Tulsa takes the first win in the StoneWolf Cup Series.

The two teams meet next on Wednesday evening in Wichita, followed by another game on Sunday afternoon back in Tulsa. The StoneWolf Cup should be a very interesting series this season!

StoneWolf Casino Cup Series:

  • Oct. 26: Wichita @ Tulsa — 5-6 in OT — Tulsa Win
  • Oct. 29: Tulsa @ Wichita
  • Nov. 2: Wichita @ Tulsa
  • Nov. 18: Wichita @ Tulsa
  • Nov. 23: Wichita @ Tulsa
  • Nov. 30: Tulsa @ Wichita
  • Dec. 10: Wichita @ Tulsa
  • Dec. 17: Wichita @ Tulsa
  • Feb. 21: Tulsa @ Wichita
  • Mar. 13: Wichita @ Tulsa
  • Mar. 21: Tulsa @ Wichita
  • Mar. 29: Tulsa @ Wichita
  • Apr. 8: Tulsa @ Wichita
  • Apr. 10: Tulsa @ Wichita