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AHL Hockey: Oct 20 Barons vs Monsters

(Todd Nelson, Rocky Thompson and Gerry Fleming. Photo Courtesy Steven Christy. All Rights Reserved.)

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From the moment the Oklahoma City Barons arrived in town in the summer of 2010 we’ve been very lucky and had the same group of outstanding coaching staff to guide this team through four seasons of ups and downs, trials and tribulations, and on the edge of your seat excitement, not to mention four seasons of playoffs. In 2011-12 the Barons captured the West Division Championship and in back-to-back seasons 2011-12 and 2012-13 the team went all the way to the Western Conference Finals. Not bad for a new team! Head Coach Todd Nelson, along with his assistants Rocky Thompson and Gerry Fleming have done a phenomenal job with the development of this young team but there are changes coming to OKC.

An OKC Barons Assistant Coach position has appeared among the Edmonton Oilers job postings (see below) within the last few days and you ask “What does this mean?” and “Who?”  It likely means that one of our current coaching staff is headed elsewhere next season, but the “Who” is much more difficult to ascertain. It could mean that Gerry Fleming or Rocky Thompson have found well-deserved promotions elsewhere, but it could also mean that Head Coach Todd Nelson has finally been recognized for his outstanding years of coaching and has been offered a promotion. (I used the term “likely” above since there is also the issue of Bill Scott’s vacant GM position with the team — if the Oilers keep the position, would one of this group be a possible candidate therefore opening up an assistant coach position?)

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