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Richard Bachman mask (right side) (Photo: Patricia Teter. All Rights Reserved.)

Richard Bachman mask (right side) (Photo: Patricia Teter. All Rights Reserved.)

Richard Bachman: 2013-14

  • Designer: David Gunnarsson – DaveArt

OKC Barons fans are very familiar with Richard Bachman from his Texas Stars days. We had great respect for him with the Stars, but it was hard to like him too much during those days. “We saw him firsthand that year he played in Texas,” said coach Todd Nelson. “He played very well against us.” Lucky for us he’s now moved to the good side — the Oklahoma Barons side of things, and this is just fine with OKC fans.

Bachman is keen to focus on his development this season in order to be poised to step into an NHL position perhaps next season. He explained “everyone’s goal is to be in the NHL but I feel I’m still developing. The best way to do that is go play. In the NHL I might get a game every three weeks. Here I can get into a rhythm. I’m excited about that.”

DaveArt Design

Photo: Courtesy of DaveArt Design

This summer David Gunnarsson of DaveArt designed and created Backman’s new 2013-14 Edmonton Oilers mask which has a wonderful old-school vibe about it and features a large wooden oil derrick spewing crude oil, with beautiful touches throughout. Everything about this mask screams “Oilers: — the old wooden derrick gushing oil highlighted against the brilliant starry sky, a clever use of the Oil Drop Logos on the bottom of the mask on either side of the chin, all the way down to the small details of tiny blue-on-blue uniform “oil drops” as background patterns in various places. It is perfect. Old-school brilliance.

This mask also brings to mind early Oklahoma history — the 1920s wild and woolly boom town days, wildcatters and crude oil. There is a wonderful symmetry between the Edmonton Oilers and Oklahoma history, both harking from earlier oil boom eras. For Edmonton it was in the 1940s and by the 1950s that city became known as the “Oil Capital of Canada.” When you think about it, the Edmonton Oilers are the perfect match as a parent team for an Oklahoma AHL team.

Gunnarsson explains how the idea for Bachman’s mask came about:

“This design idea came to me when [I] listened to a country music concert this summer, the idea struck me like a lightning, it’s an awesome feeling Richard Bachman of the Edmonton Oilers and me wanted to do an Oilers mask in a totally new way, and I love to come up with new ideas every day. We wanted to do a mask that felt like Oilers to 100%.

I made some sketches of my idea and the design idea worked. We transformed the whole mask into a hard working oil pump.

The old school oil pump is just like the pumps in the movie “There will be blood” you know, and it´s a very hard working pump because it´s splashing out oil all over. In the background a nice sky with glittering stars, and more hard working oil pumps, is just a few of all the details to tie to whole design into one piece.

I love the challenge to create detailed designs, in a new way,  that also looks nice on a distance.”

Richard Bachman’s Mask Details

Bachman front

Mask Front: The front top displays the wooden derrick with oil flowing from the top of the well (see detail below with the oil gushing out of the top of the derrick), and below on the chin is Bachman’s number 30 overlaying large Oil Drop logos on either side in blue, white and orange.

Bachman mask top from front

Bachman left side

Mask Left Side: Bottom chin with the top of a large Oil Drop Logo which flows off the  mask, and the wooden derrick with gushing oil against a bright blue starry night. In lower back is a pumping unit silhouetted against a lighter blue starry sky (see detail below).

Bachman mask left closeup oilrig

Bachman right side

Mask Right Side: Similar to the left side with slight variations. Notice the details of the wooden derrick with each beam nailed into place, and the main oil pipe running down the middle of the derrick.

Bachman backplateMask backplate: The Canadian flag on left and U.S. flag on right. Also on the backplate is a small horseshoe which is a very personal item Bachman has added to his masks in the past. It is a very nice endearing touch which he says harks back to his pre-marriage days and his now wife.  On the bottom is a small Oilers Oil Drop logo with small blue Oil Drops against a lighter blue background.

Bachman tells me he is also contemplating having another mask made by a friend specifically for OKC — perhaps with a country music theme, focusing on Oklahoma music and musicians. I love that idea! To my knowledge I do not believe we have ever seen an Oklahoma specific mask by a goaltender playing with the OKC Barons. Yes, we’ve seen OKC Barons logos on masks, but never a design which focused on Oklahoma as a state. Let’s do this!

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