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Some teams are really getting into the spirit of the summer, keeping their fans engaged and providing some much needed and wanted hockey diversions. The Albany Devils have a brilliant little series called Hockey 101 where they discuss and explain the rules and regulations of the game of hockey — hmmm, sound familiar perhaps?

Hockey 101: Icing — “One of the more common occurrences in any given hockey game is a team icing the puck. There could be up to seven or eight or even more icings called over the course of a game. But just what is icing? …”

Hockey 101: Zamboni — “Today we take a look at a part of the game that happens between the periods … the Zamboni.  Prior to the Zamboni, it would take a crew of five men nearly 90 minutes to clean and resurface an ice rink. The Zamboni changed all that. But what of its history? …”

Hockey 101: Hat Trick — “In hockey, a hat trick occurs when a player scores three goals in a game. The origin of the hat trick dates back 1858 and the sport of cricket. Bowler H.H. Stephenson took three wickets in three balls at the Hyde Park ground in Sheffield. As was customary at the time for great plays, a collection was passed around in appreciation. The following day he was presented with a cap or hat that was bought with the proceeds. …”

Follow the Albany Devils for more installments in their series! (Check for more articles in the series under News – Devils Extra.)  By the way, the Albany Devils have a great, well designed, easy to read website!