Tend the Farm's Twitter Team

Tend the Farm’s Twitter Team


My recent article at Tend the Farm.

Here at Tend the Farm we love Twitter and we think that you should too. It makes our entire hockey experience much more immediate — much more fun! And, yes, at times, even zany, crazy and silly. Join us! Meet some of the OKC Barons who are on Twitter. Some folks take to Twitter with the ease of a professional, and others … well, others appear seldom, like a nocturnal opossum, hiding, lurking, only coming out in the dark of night.

We begin our first Twitter “Must Follows” Installment with a finely tuned selection of OKC Barons & Oilers team accounts, coaching staff, play-by-play, media and bloggers. The list is broken down into large subsections but listed randomly — in no particular order. If you feel you have been left off this list unjustly, submit your requests in triplicate and we will begin a thorough screening immediately! The next installment will be devoted to Player accounts, and anyone else we’ve sadly and horrifically failed to include on this list.

Link to remainder of Twitter list on Tend the Farm.