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CoyoteThe Phoenix Coyotes were pulled from the rubble last night in Glendale and given a new lease on life as the Arizona Coyotes. Welcome to the NHL!

I am in the group who wanted the Coyotes to remain in the desert and hopefully prosper. For several years now I have listened to the pros and cons from hockey folk, the most vocal of the group were Canadians wanting to move the team to Quebec. The very recent realignment of the NHL more or less dispelled that scenario at least for now.

Time will tell if the new ownership group and arena managers can in fact make this happen. They have a group of hockey fans in that area who can fill an arena — they have done it before when specific teams came to town. Take a look at the attendance at the Coyotes-Red Wings game this past April. The question is can the new ownership group revive the hockey fan base to commit to this team. And perhaps even a bigger question — can they talk those fans of other teams living in that area into committing to the Coyotes team. They have all summer to ramp up interest and sell tickets. I wish them well because I intend to head to Phoenix (er, rather Glendale!) for at least a couple of games this season.