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Welcome news has been released about changes to the AHL Trade Deadline and Clear Day Roster Rule from Hershey Bears President and GM Doug Yingst. In years past the AHL Clear Day Roster — which was essentially an AHL Playoff Roster — was set a week following the NHL Trade Deadline date which generally occurred in late February. However the new 2013 NHL Collective Bargaining Agreement eliminates the AHL Clear Day Roster altogether. According to Doug Yingst:

“Due to the new NHL collective bargaining agreement, AHL clear day rosters, which set player eligibility parameters from the trade deadline through the Calder Cup playoffs, will no longer exist, Hershey Bears President-GM Doug Yingst said on Tuesday.

“It’s a total change in process,” Yingst said, “and it probably should have been implemented years ago.””

This season, due to the lockout, the NHL Trade Deadline will take place on April 3rd and the AHL Trade Deadline a week later on April 10th. There will be no Clear Day Roster set at this time, and the AHL Playoff Roster — of 22 players (or shares) — will be submitted by each team at the end of the regular season in later April. This also means the NHL teams will not be limited to four recalls from the Trade Deadline to the end of the season. All very welcome news!!

As more details are released we will followup and share.