Cheechoo is the type of player you dread seeing come up against your own team, but if he is on your team, that’s a different story altogether. The not terribly secret and widespread “rumor” that Jonathan Cheechoo was signing with the OKC Barons was clinched last night when Cheechoo attended Saturday night’s game in OKC, and the team will officially announced his signing as early as today. According to Bill Scott another veteran will soon join the team but he would not disclose any names. He told The Oklahoman reporter Mike Baldwin “You’ll find out very soon. There are some good players out there, guys biding time, waiting for a deal.”

Expect another veteran to sign with the OKC Barons very soon — one that could add some serious depth to the defensive line. This type of player would be a welcome sight on the current OKC defensive lines to add some much-needed grit and experience to the current crop of young players and prospects.

UpdateTend the Farm examines the possibilities of veteran defensemen and Brett Clark’s name comes up as a good candidate among the dwindling list of available talent. I like that choice of a “hidden gem on the penalty kill” immensely!

Buckle up! Things will get exciting in OKC!


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