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KHL Map. Courtesy of EliteProspects.com

KHL Map. Courtesy of EliteProspects.com

In case you missed it, the NHL is still in the midst of their lockout – a long, drawn out, rapidly becoming ridiculously crazy, losing fans lockout. However, this could well be changing soon, but for now we are still without NHL hockey. Luckily I live close to AHL hockey and have been a fan of the OKC Barons for a couple of seasons now, but the lockout has even touched upon that, creating an odd hybrid, neither fish nor fowl. In mid-October I ventured forth into new uncharted territory – the KHL – the Kontinental Hockey League. A league spanning from the Czech Republic, Bratislava, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan to the full length of Russia from West to the East, all the way to Khabarovsk. And I confess – I’ve grown very fond of that Russian Machiavellian beast.

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