Last night, as always, I placed my bids on a number of Barons players’ Christmas Trees, and low and behold, I actually won a very special tree last night! The first of the Oklahoma City Barons Christmas Trees were auctioned last night and more will appear tonight! All proceeds go to raise funds for the Barons Buddies program according to the Barons’ Press Release:

“The Oklahoma City Barons players are getting into the Christmas spirit and are showing off their decorative side to raise funds for the Barons Buddies program with Special Olympics.”

And the rules for the players were very basic:

“Earlier this month, each player was given a small Christmas tree. The instructions for them were simple: decorate the tree and make it unique to their tastes or experiences.”

The group of trees were absolutely magical last night, ranging from the well decorated and well covered with gift cards, movies and various items, to the very simple hockey player decorated trees. There were pet themed trees, Harry Potter themed trees, Candy themed trees and one very special Swedish themed tree. YES! I won that Swedish tree!

Last year I remember very fondly Andrew Lord’s Christmas tree decorated with homemade player ornaments made out of the players’ mugshots. I put the majority of my bids in for that tree, but alas lost out to another lucky winner! And this year, the Swedish tree made the same impression upon me. I spread my bids out among a handful of trees, but had high hopes for that Swedish tree!

My Swedish Fish Christmas tree was of course created with clever abandon by Magnus Paajarvi and Anton Lander. In my imagination I can see Paajarvi and Lander sitting around one evening, perhaps mulling over their Christmas tree concept while having a Swedish beverage and snacking on Swedish fish. And all of a sudden it hits them! A Swedish Fish Christmas tree! It’s perfect! The fish will be lively red decorations against the green tree! After another beverage or two, they fine tune their Swedish theme even more as one of them dips into their Ettan tin. HEY! Now, they are on a roll! And to further illuminate their theme, on top of the tree will fly the Swedish flag!

I imagine they were stumped for awhile on how to attach the Swedish fish to the tree, but after a bit of thought, it was clear that tape was the perfect solution! Had they been North American, I suspect the idea of Duct tape might have crossed their minds, but just as well it did not.

Well done Magnus and Anton! You two receive very high marks for cleverly creating one of the most wonderful Christmas trees ever! It will always rank high up on my list of delightful memories of this team and its players. Thank you!

My Swedish Fish Christmas Tree by Magnus Paajarvi and Anton Lander

My Swedish Fish Christmas Tree by Magnus Paajarvi and Anton Lander