A guest post by Eric Rodgers (who can be found on twitter @AHLBarons)

I spend a lot of time on social media, that’s no secret. In doing so, I’ve gotten to see a lot of different strategies that hockey teams employ for game days, during the week, etc. We’re currently in the midst of “Movember,” a moustache growing charity event held during November each year that raises funds and awareness for men’s health. Hockey is probably the biggest sports supporter of this cause, with teams and staffs all participating and raising money.

This year, it was announced on November 1st that Barons defenseman Brandon Davidson had been diagnosed with testicular cancer and the response was huge. From all over the country, the hockey world sent their well wishes to Davidson through Twitter, Facebook, and elsewhere. The Barons players themselves were very quick to the internet as well, creating #MovemberForBD and dedicating their mustaches this year to their teammate.

For Movember, the Barons are offering a $4 discount on tickets when you present your mustache at the box office and have a team page with the players and their mustaches here: http://us.movember.com/team/791401. Instead, I wanted to bring up an idea to show just how far and how much influence #MovemberForBD has this month. On the North side of the arena concourse, there’s a big white wall. There’s not much reason for people to go that way, and I think very few people do. So I thought of an idea to help fill that wall, and help spread the word during the Barons’ final weekend at home in the month of November.

This would be taking a page out of the Toronto Marlies book and their social media where they take words of encouragement from fans on Twitter and post it outside the locker room. For this, I propose we do the same and fill the empty wall in the Cox Center with words of encouragement and well wishes for Davidson as he recovers, have picture updates of the players, and set up a donation point for people to donate to the Movember cause.

With one last weekend at home this month, this would be a great final chance for the team to show their support for the Movember cause, and allow people that may not normally donate, or aren’t able to online, to do so at the game.


Thank you, Eric! — PT.