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Tyler Bunz 2012-13 Mask: Right Side with Fuhr. (Photo: Patricia Teter. All Rights Reserved.)

Tyler Bunz: 2012-13

In Tyler Bunz’s first season as a professional goaltender in the Edmonton Oilers system his mask design pays homage to their glory days highlighting two goaltending legends in the team’s history, Grant Fuhr and his backup, and later replacement goaltender, Bill Ranford. The 1980’s were formidable years for the Oilers as they won five Stanley Cup Championships with all-time greats and Hockey Hall of Famers such as Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier.


Grant Fuhr

Grant Fuhr (Oilers 1981-1991):

Fuhr was drafted 8th overall by the Edmonton Oilers and played ten seasons with the team from the 1981-82 season through the 1990-91 season. During that time the Oilers’ goaltending duo of Grant Fuhr, first with Andy Moog (who departed in 1987), and then Bill Ranford, were among the most daunting in Edmonton Oilers’ history, winning five Stanley Cups for the seasons 1983-84, 1984-85, 1986-87, 1987-88, and 1989-90. Due to an injury, Fuhr did not play in the 1990 playoffs for the fifth Edmonton Oilers’ Stanley Cup win for the 1989-90 season when he was replaced by Bill Ranford.

Furh was awarded the Vezina Trophy for his 1987-88 season with the Oilers, and later with the Buffalo Sabres Fuhr won the William M. Jennings’s Trophy in 1993-94 with Dominik Hašek. Fuhr officially announced his retirement in September 2000 after 19 seasons and over 850 games. In 2001, the Oilers retired Fuhr’s #31, and soon after in 2003, Grant Fuhr was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame. [HHOF Fuhr Stats.]

Grant Fuhr still maintains his place in the NHL record book: (Source: NHL Official Guide & Record Book 2012 and Grant Fuhr Biography at Hockey Hall of Fame.)

  • Longest Undefeated Streak by a Goaltender in his First NHL Season: 23 games in the 1982-82 Season (15W – 8T). October 21, 1981 is the day Fuhr won his first NHL game (Edmonton Oilers vs. Hartford Whalers) and started his 23 game unbeaten streak.
  • Most Points by a Goaltender, One Season: 14 points in the Edmonton Oilers 1983-84 season (80 game schedule).
  • Most Playoff Wins by a Goaltender in One Season: 16. Grant Fuhr was the first goaltender to set this record in 1988. Since that time at least 20 goaltenders (Bill Ranford included) have matched this record but have never surpassed it.
  • Most Games played by a Goaltender in One Season: 79 games while playing for St. Louis in 1995-96.
  • Most Consecutive Games in Single Season for Goaltender: 76 games while playing for St. Louis in 1995-96


Bill Ranford

Bill Ranford (Oilers 1988 – 1996): (Hockey Hall of Fame Entry)

In March 1988 Bill Ranford came to the Edmonton Oilers via a trade with Boston who in turn ended up with Andy Moog. Ranford was Fuhr’s backup during the 1988 Stanley Cup win, and he then took the reins in the 1990 playoffs to win the Stanley Cup Championship when Fuhr was injured. As a result, Ranford was awarded the Conn Smythe Trophy as the Playoff’s Most Valuable Player in 1990.

Ranford also shares the NHL’s single season playoff record for most wins by a goaltender with 16 wins in 1990, matching Grant Fuhr’s record first set in 1988.

Ranford remained with the Oilers for another six years through January 1996 when he was dealt back to Boston. At the end of his career he re-signed with the Oilers in 1999 as a free agent and backed up Tommy Salo, and later that season, in April of 2000 he announced his retirement after 15 seasons and over 600 games.

In addition to his two Stanley Cups with the Edmonton Oilers as a goaltender, Ranford recently won another Cup with the Los Angeles Kings in 2012 as their goaltending coach.


Tyler Bunz’s Mask Details:

Mask Left side: The left side depicts Oilers goaltender Bill Ranford in blue tones which bleed out slightly onto the overall design. To the front is a white-on-white Oilers logo.

Mask Right side: The right side depicts Grant Fuhr in blue tones bleeding out into the surrounding design, and behind is a white-on-white OKC Oil Drop logo.

Mask Front and Top: An Oilers’ retro royal blue stripe flanked by two orange stripes follow the top crest of the mask to the back and divide into two sections running along each side of the mask down across the chin. The stripes echo Fuhr’s iconic mask from the 1980’s. “BUNZ” is written along the chin.

The Oilers Oil Drop and OKC Barons Oil Drop logos are centered on the blue stripe. With the OKC Barons logo situated just above Oilers Oil Drop logo you can see very clearly how the two drops can be overlaid and read symbolically as the OKC Barons system “feeding” into the Edmonton Oilers system.

Mask Back plate: On the right is a list of Stanley Cup Championship seasons for the Edmonton Oilers: 1983-84, 1984-85, 1986-87, 1987-88, and 1989-90. Under the writing is a light blue Oil Drop logo. On the right is a tribute to Bunz’s friend Mitch Tanner (1992-2008) over a light blue cross. This tribute to his friend also appeared on Bunz’s Medicine Hat Tigers back plate as well.

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