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Olivier Roy 2012-13 Mask. (Photo: Patricia Teter. All Rights Reserved.)

Olivier Roy: 2012-13

Last season Roy, not knowing exactly where he would be assigned, chose a more “generic” Oilers color theme – and David Arrigo created a stunning mask with copper and blue oil “drops” illustrating fluidity, motion and speed, flowing from the front of the mask to the back. “Your first pro mask is always something special” Roy said when talking about last season’s mask. “I gave the green light to Edmonton. I didn’t know exactly where I was going to play, or where I was going to end up…. I didn’t see it until I came to training camp, so the only part I had a word in was probably the back plate where I put personal things, like family and the Oilers logo in the back.” – See the first three photos below for views of Roy’s 2011-12 mask and watch the Stockton Thunder’s Thundervision video for more information on Roy’s mask last season.


For 2012-13 Roy and Arrigo have combined last season’s oil drop streams with the team’s logos, both the Edmonton Oilers’ Oil Drop logo and the OKC Barons’ Oil Drop logo. Each team is featured on separate sides of the mask (Oilers on left; Barons on right) and they are unified by an eye-catching overall silver “metal” design element – my favorite! –resembling riveted metal in the same manner as Jonathan Quick’s medieval Knight’s helmet, or even an airplane’s riveted metal surface, tying back into the concept of speed, motion and fluidity.

The entire helmet is designed around this concept and it is particularly noticeable along the top ridge of the mask, as the silver “riveted metal” runs along the entire crest and the length of the base, across the chin. The interweaving of design with “texture” is outstanding in this mask and creates spectacular allusions to speed on the ice. Arrigo has “joined” each design element as if they were separate metal sheets riveted together to form a whole mask. Brilliant!

Mask Left side: The Oilers “Oil Drop” Logo is at the top and “Oilers” is spelled out in large orange letters along base of the mask, and the oil splash flows back from the open face.

Mask Right side: The OKC Barons “Oil Drop” logo appears at the top and below along the base “Barons” is spelled out in blue and white letters. Once again you see the oil splash flowing back from the open face, and each element is “joined” by the “metal” rivets.

Mask Top and Front: The unifying design element is the silver “metal” riveted surface. On the top, the “metal” design is carried along the ridge to the back, separating the two themes, Barons and Oilers, and on the chin appears Roy’s number 31.

Mask Back Plate: The mask’s back plate contains Roy’s personal traditional elements which carry over from last season’s mask as well. The initials represent family members and his girlfriend, and the cross is in memory of his grandmother. To the right is the flag of Quebec, representing his home province.

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