Ryan Martindale, Cameron Abney, Brandon Davidson, Dan Ringwald and Olivier Roy at Open House. (Photo: Courtesy of Noah Geopert. All Rights Reserved.)

Last season when the OKC Barons’ Special Olympics jerseys (see image below) were unveiled I had hopes that we would see the colors transformed into a new third jersey for the team and it happened last night! The Oilers “Retro” colors of Royal (ultramarine) blue and Orange are incredibly refreshing after the Navy & Copper years. Bright and vibrant, these jerseys stand out on the ice and they were better than I had even imagined. And yes, I now have one of my very own.

The only thing I would have changed would have been the front logo. I am partial to the Barons’ Derrick logo, but to be honest, the OKC Oil drop logo in the ultramarine blue and orange work better than the navy and copper. According to various sources, the team will wear the 3rd jerseys for about twelve games and I hope to see most of those at home! Hopefully we will see some of these jerseys auctioned off at the end of the season as well.

In other team news, a hearty congratulations to veteran forward Josh Green who has been chosen as Captain of the OKC Barons team. Well done, Josh! OKC fans and his teammates are in complete agreement.

OKC Barons 2011-12 Special Olympics Jersey

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