Sadly I am recuperating from a foot injury (I’m on IR with a Lower body injury) and have been slow updating Training Camp news. Here are the links for Day Three and Four, along with a few of my photos from Day Three.

Day Three:

We saw a few jersey number changes on Tuesday: Eberle is now #7, Hunter is now #11, Tyrvainen is back to his usual #14, and Martindale is now #17. Hopefully the majority of the number changes are out-of-the-way, but don’t hold your breath.

For more detailed information read Eric Rodgers’ Barons News blog – his Day Two news has been posted. Barons Training Camp: Day Two.

OKC Barons Baron’s Beat: Veteran Leadership, talking to GM Bill Scott, Josh Green, Yann Danis and Dane Byers:


Professional Photos of Day Three from Rob Ferguson and Steven Christy.

By the way, check out the new OKC Barons website! After a brief test drive I am very happy with the results!

Day Four:

Today’s Training camp consisted of a White (team B) vs. Blue (team A) scrimmage and for more details check @AHLBarons twitter feed this morning. I missed today’s training camp unfortunately but plan to return tomorrow, limping and hopping on one foot. Link to current OKC Barons Training Camp Roster.

Also, keep up with Neal’s Tend the Farm as well. (He’s busy with a new baby in his household, but manages to keep up with Barons’ news!)

Updated: Eric Rodgers’ Barons Camp Day 4 post.

Updated: blog Baron It All with Mike Baldwin

OKC Barons interviews with Teigan Zahn & Brandon Davidson:


Professional Photos of Day 4 from Rob Ferguson. Steven Christy’s photographs from OKC Barons Training Camp Day 4.

My Gallery of photos from Day Three: