Bob Gianettino’s Banner: Biscuit Boys of Bricktown. Original Photo by Linda Donnelly.

The Biscuit Boys of Bricktown are back in OKC! For the past two weeks the OKC Barons players have been tweeting their travel plans as they prepared to return to OKC in time for training camp beginning this Friday, Sept. 28th. And today we saw the first photos of a few of the players back on the ice at Cox Arena for an informal practice session (via the OKC Barons team accounts).

With the NHL still in lockout mode, the AHL’s return to hockey has been welcomed by both local AHL fans and NHL fans from afar. Revel in this rare opportunity AHL fans and enjoy having some of the best and brightest of the NHL playing on your home ice. And for you locked out NHL fans, locate your team’s affiliate and if possible attend a few games! Otherwise, follow them online and enjoy watching tomorrow’s NHL superstars.

OKC fans give a loud and hearty cheer!

Welcome back, Biscuit Boys of Bricktown!

Note: The term Biscuit Boys of Bricktown seems to have originated with Mark Arcobello when tweeting last season’s rookie, Curtis Hamilton. For non-local fans, Bricktown is an entertainment district next to downtown Oklahoma City (and Cox Arena) and contains the baseball stadium, hotels, restaurants and theaters. (Bricktown map.)

Yann Danis and OKC Barons’ fan Jeremy at an after game Skate, Jan. 15, 2012 (Photo: Patricia Teter. All Rights Reserved.)