Roman coliseum of Pula, Croatia. Medvescak vs Olimpija game location, 2012.

From the IIHF article To each Gladiator His Arena:

The arena built between 27 BC and 68 AD at the Mediterranean Sea in the capital of the Istria peninsula is one of the largest and best preserved amphitheatres of the old Roman Empire …

On 14th September Medvescak Zagreb will host Olimpija Ljubljana. The team from the Slovenian capital is actually closer to Pula, 200 kilometres north of the city. Two days later the Vienna Capitals will play in Pula.

Do you have a Hockey Bucket List? This venue in Pula, Croatia has just topped my list. Can you imagine watching hockey in this ancient Roman coliseum where gladiators once played? I have visited a number of ancient coliseums and there is truly something magical about standing inside these arenas. Walking down the dark damp corridors and out into the open sunlight in the center of these massive structures is a memory I will never forget. And now, to have an opportunity to watch a modern athletic game inside one of the coliseums is just beyond wonderful. Sign me up! (See My Full Hockey Bucket List.)

New Links of images of ice rink at Pula.