Remembering Rick Rypien today – August 15. Forever a Canuck #37

Unfortunately, some of the links are no longer working however those that are still intact are well worth reading.


Monday evening brought extremely sad news to the hockey world. Rick Rypien was dead at the age of 27. Rypien signed with the Manitoba Moose late in the 2004-2005 season and spent six years with the Vancouver Canucks. He had earned a reputation as a tough fighter, but behind the scenes he battled personal demons which forced him to take two extended leaves of absence from the Canucks organization prior to his departure in 2011. In July Rypien signed with the Winnipeg Jets, eager to return and joking with teammates about bringing the Cup back to Winnipeg.

The entire hockey community mourns the loss of Rick Rypien and part of that process will naturally evolve into questions about how they can do more to help those in their community battle depression. Sadly we will never have all the answers, but by making Rypien’s story known, we can perhaps help others…

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