Bob and Mark Arcobello (Photo: Patricia Teter. All Rights Reserved.)

Bob Gianettino  the first thing you will learn upon meeting Bob is that he is a SERIOUS DIEHARD Detroit Red Wings fan. Michigan born and bred. He knows all of the hockey players from Michigan State and can tell you if a Michigan Spartan is playing on any team you follow. (I’d bet money on this every time!!) He is also a very serious OKC Barons fan and he truly loves watching this team play. Fans and the team can thank Bob for the banners which appear in the arena during games in section 323 – Tulupov’s Army and the new Biscuit Boys of Bricktown. Well done, Bob!

Meet Bob Gianettino  – OKC Barons Fan!


PT: How long have you been a hockey fan?   

Bob: Since 1968.

PT: Who is your favorite NHL team and why? 

Bob: Detroit RedWings of course… grew up in Michigan watching them.

PT: Who is your favorite NHL player(s) and why? 

Bob: I have too many!!! I would have to say Steve Yzerman.  Hard-nosed player that stayed with the same team his whole career.

PT: If you are from OKC, were you a Blazers fan? And if so, how do you compare the Blazers with the AHL OKC Barons team?

Bob: Never was a Blazer fan… I didn’t move to OKC until 2007 so only was able to see them a few times and that was because I had free tickets.

Between Blazers and Barons, no comparison. Barons are much faster than the Blazers. Barons players are looking to make it in the NHL … Blazers players were just a paycheck player. Only one Blazer made it to the NHL.

The OKC Barons Team (Players and Coaching staff):

PT: The OKC Barons are now two years old – did you have an opportunity to follow the team since the beginning?

Bob:  Yes, when it was announced we were getting a farm club. I could not have been happier .. I have been since day one.

PT: How many games do you attend and/or watch on average? All? Most?  Explain.

Bob: Season ticket holder so all of them. And also have seen the Barons on the road in Grand Rapids and Texas in Cedar Park and San Antonio.

PT: What is your opinion of the team and coaching this season, so far?

Bob: Awesome … a much better team than last season and last season’s team was great.

PT: Who are your favorite players and why?

Bob: I would have to say the player that I wear – #26 jersey. Mark Arcobello. Mark played well enough last season to get an AHL contract this season after playing in Stockton. This season Mark has really improved himself a lot to where he should be getting another contract.

PT: Which player were you most excited to see play this season? 

Bob: The one I was looking forward to seeing in OKC never made it to OKC – Corey Potter (MSU Spartan) who came to the Edmonton Organization from Wilkes-Barres Scranton. Corey ended up making the Oilers Roster.

PT: Who is your favorite new player this season (2011-2012)?

Bob: This is a hard question because there are so many. D-Man would have to be Tulupov. O-Man who is my Rookie of the year, Hunter Tremblay and goalie Yann Danis.

PT: Who is your fan favorite this season and why?

Bob: Antti Tyrväinen – great kid with a heart.

PT: What would you change about the team itself, if anything?

Bob: Nothing.  Coach Nelson and the coaching staff are doing a great job.

PT: Who deserves a chance at breaking into the Oilers roster next season?

Bob: Teemu.

Biscuit Boys of Bricktown

PT: Describe your best team/player/coach experience this season:

Bob: Barons weekly Radio Show is a great way to find out more information on the players and team. Coach Nelson gives you some great inside information.

PT: Do you have any additional comments regarding the team and players?


Off-ice Fan Experiences – this includes inside the arena, outside events and social media:

PT: What has been your best off-ice experience this season and why?

Bob: Booster Club Dinner with the Players and Coaching staff.

PT: What has been your best off-ice experience this season and why?

Bob: Meeting Dave LeNevue’s father-in-law here in OKC.  We have become friends and we keep in touch during the games by text and also stay in touch by Facebook.

PT: What has been your worst off-ice experience this season and why?

Bob: Driving to Texas … ugh, that’s too long! AHL – we need another AHL team closer to OKC.

PT: What would you like to change about the off-ice experience for next season?

Bob: When players do charities … Barons fans are invited to help out.

PT: As a fan, what is your opinion of the social media aspect (Twitter, Facebook, Website)? Pass or Fail and Why?

Bob: Pass as far as fans.  OKC Barons Facebook page, Twitter and Website – Fail Big Time. Need to get with the times. The website is lame compared to the other AHL teams. Way too slow to post or respond.

Bob at OKC Barons vs. Texas Stars game, January 29, 2012 (Photo: Patricia Teter. All Rights Reserved.)