Tulupov Army (Photo: Noah Goepfert, All Rights Reserved.)

Fan — noun. Enthusiast, devotee, admirer; supporter, follower, disciple, adherent, zealot, fanatic; expert, connoisseur, aficionado.

At one time or another, all fans fit the above words, and hockey fans are no different. They can be fanatical, crazy and a bit over the top at times. They can also be very loyal, supportive and above all, they keep the game of hockey alive and well throughout arenas in North America and elsewhere. The game of hockey — as a professional sport — cannot exist without those very fans. It is a money making sport, and without ticket sales, without fans who pay for those tickets, the game of hockey could not exist.

Therefore, near the end of the OKC Barons regular season, it is time to salute a group of loyal and enthusiastic Barons fans. Stick taps to all who fill the arena throughout the season, especially on those quiet Tuesday night games when it is easier to remain at home and relax from a hard day’s work. It is your time to speak up about your favorite team, your favorite players and let your voice be heard. What has been your best experience about this season so far? Your worst? Who is your fan favorite this season?

Let us hear from you!

OKC Barons vs. Houston Aeros, Dec. 17, 2011 (Photo: Patricia Teter, All Rights Reserved).