Puckchk’s wonderful article on a group of AHL fans cheering for their favorite player — Kirill Tulupov.

A world unto

The night begins when the Oklahoma City Barons hit the ice for their pre-game warmups. If #8 crosses the plane and skates meet ice, electricity immediately surges through a specific area inside the Cox Convention Center. Smiles and high fives are exchanged. Jerseys not already being worn are put in place; a large banner gets attached to the sections seat railing.

OKC hockey fans and members of the opposing team are getting ready to meet a very vocal group within these small confines, known as Tulupov’s Army. While diehard Barons and hockey fans in general, the focus is on one Barons player, Kirill Tulupov. Started at the beginning of the season, they picked up steam by continuously growing as a group. They are even starting to be recognized outside of the Cox Center.

Kirill’s stint this year with the Barons has him sitting on a 1 goal, 7 assists in…

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