I caught up with David LeNeveu just as he came off the ice and he very kindly posed for photographs with his newly designed OKC Barons mask. As we set up for the first photograph, David’s teammate Kirill Tulupov jokingly lurked behind, recreating a very good ‘Keslurk’ or ‘Keslerbomb’ made infamous by Ryan Kesler of the Vancouver Canucks. I think we have started a new tradition for Tulupov! Tulupovbomb? Tululurk? This could be a fun year!

David’s new mask contains the Barons logo with an oil derrick on top, two side OKC Barons oil drop logos and the Oilers logo on the chin. (I will work on a photo of the back plate on my next opportunity, and Yann Danis, you are next!)