At the end of Wednesday morning’s training camp exhausted players rest after a series of fast paced sprints. If you think the Barons logo is a bit obscured, it is due to the sprints tearing up the ice, creating a nice layer of icy snow.

For a twitter reporting of today’s camp, read @AHLBarons (Eric Rodgers) morning tweets.

UPDATE: For an interview with Colton Yellow Horn, a CHL Allen Americans player at the OKC Barons camp this week, see the article AHL Camps in Full Effect on the Allen Americans website. I’ve enjoyed watching Yellow Horn this week. He is a small player but has plenty of spirit.

Thursday’s training camp will begin at 9:30. See the updated news from the Barons website. Thursday’s roster will include the following players:

  • Alex Plante
  • Ryan Lowery
  • Chris VandeVelde
  • Tanner House
  • Tyler Pitlick
  • Milan Kytnar (attended previous days camps wearing a red jersey, but not listed on roster until now)

UPDATE: Colt Teubert just tweeted he was on his way to OKC.