I knew food would eventually make its way onto this blog and I blame Ilya Bryzgalov, better known on Twitter as @Bryzgoalie30. Friday night he tweeted about cooking his dinner of penne pasta with vodka sauce and Norwegian salmon. Crikey! At dinner time no less! I had the strong urge to run to the kitchen to see if the necessary ingredients were on hand. Hockey players generally tweet about going out with their buddies, working out, golf, cars, sports, hockey and practice. Some are also serious sportsmen, fishing and hunting everything – quail, dove, bear, deer, wild boar and African game. Next off-season I plan to capture some of those, but some of the better hunting tweets and photos come from Steve MacIntyre (@Smacker33) and Owen Nolan (@OwenNolan11) whose twitter bio reads “Hockey, fishing, hunting.” Beware, MacIntyre is a serious hunter – and his photos prove it. If you are squeamish, it might be best not to venture there. His Twitter avatar provides a clue. Lots of large dead animals.

There are many hockey players on twitter who actually cook! They tweet about their dinner plans and meals, sometimes accompanied by photos. The rare hockey player actually tweets recipes. Yes. Recipes. I will admit that I am huge fan of Mark Dekanich and Mike McKenna for that very reason. Yes, it is fun to read about their newly designed masks and pads, and see photos, but reading their food tweets makes me realize that the Food Network should create a show for these two guys!

[Keep in mind that tweets are in chronological order – most recent to oldest, within each section.]

Ilya Bryzgalov

Recently Bryzgalov tweeted about waiting for dinner while watching the Eagles game. Now that he has relocated to Philadelphia to play with the Flyers he frequently tweets about Philadelphia, sharing photos of historical items such as Betsy Ross’s chair and the making of the first U.S. flag. We have seen photos of his dog, learned about the parks in his neighborhood and various other assorted interests.

Mark Dekanich and Mike McKenna

Two hockey players who greatly enjoy cooking are Mark Dekanich (@dexshow) and Mike McKenna (@MikeMcKenna56) – two goaltenders. Following these two on Twitter has been fun – they frequently answer fan questions about hockey and their lives, and tweet about their dogs. Dekanich’s black pug is named Romeo (on left) and, as you can see, he is a sweetie! After some help from Mike McKenna I finally located a photo of his dog Bauer (on right). Why do I get the feeling that Bauer suits up and practices with McKenna? Bauer seems incredibly intelligent and alert, just waiting for that puck!


Both Dekanich and McKenna have tweeted recipes and talked about cooking. If either one of these guys ever decides to retire and start a restaurant I will be there on opening night. I label myself a gourmet with an appreciation of fine wine and food, and I have to say these two fellows know their stuff, whether it is about cooking or dining out.

Key Lime Pie

Grilled Chicken with roasted red peppers and haricots verts

McKenna’s Spicy Chicken in Peanut Sauce recipe might just become famous! He provided a full recipe with his spicy additions much to fans’ delight. (See below). McKenna is a proponent of healthy cooking and eating, along with environmental issues — see his tweet about palm oil. He stands up for his beliefs which I greatly admire.

BBQ Chicken and Vegetables

Other hockey players are eating out, ordering in and just enjoying life. Sean Backman seems to enjoy pizza. Jérémie Blain likes Sushi. And even Alex Ovechkin – enjoying dinner at home and on the road. While traveling he tweets about chicken wings and later about buratta and branzino in his usual hyper-excited tweets. I adore Ovi’s tweets filled with an abundance of “!!!!!!” and “ahahahahaahs!!!!!” They remind me of his style of hockey – fast and energetic, like a kid in a candy store. I envy that sense of exuberance.  If only we could all live our lives on that level.

I end with a non-food tweet just for fun from Ovechkin referencing his ESPN commercial which is very clever. I have linked to the video in the off-chance that you have never seen it. Enjoy!