Winnipeg Jets – On the heels of the official announcement for the new Jets logo late Friday afternoon, a great stampede rushed to proclaim their opinions. Many fans, hockey enthusiasts and sports writers are less than pleased, but I am one of those who actually appreciates the new design. The new logo is clean and concise and if the jerseys are well designed, the new logo should be a huge success. I was never a proponent for keeping the earlier Jets design (see below) since the old logo was very dated in style, but it is nice to see the new logo design incorporating a number of key historical elements, specifically the circle and aerodynamic motifs, as well as the blue and red color combination. The new logo is inspired by the Royal Canadian Air Force roundel with the image of a fighter jet superimposed over the red Canadian maple leaf. In addition, a compass point — True North — symbolizes the new owners of the team. Well done!

Royal Canadian Air Force Roundel

1990-1996 Winnipeg Jets Logo